What To Bring

Introduction to Armed Self-Defense
(CCW Advanced Course)

This course has been developed for those individuals who already have their Concealed Carry permit and wish to further their skill level with a pistol.

The course begins with some basic information and evolves into a range session with the emphasis on weapon presentation. It is a full day with a lot of trigger time.

Students should plan to bring the following to the class:

Your concealed carry permit
The weapon you intend to carry
The holster you intend to carry it in with good quality belt
The operator’s manual for your weapon, if available
Minimum 250 rounds of ammo (no reloads or magnum rounds)
Two or more magazines (If you bring a semi-auto)
One or more speed loaders (If you bring a revolver)
Eye and ear protection (electronic ears is a plus)

Cost is $100.00 per person. Classes are limited to 10 students.

All students must co-ordinate attendance in advance of class date.
A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a seat in the class.
Contact us for details.

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