Personal Defense Dynamics LLC, established in 2004 and incorporated in 2007, is a Security Consulting and Training Company that provides quality training at an affordable price to individuals, groups, companies and churches. We specialize in the safe operation of firearms and concealed carry, as well as Active Shooter, Workplace Violence, and Church Defense and Security Plans.

 We offer over 40 years experience in Security, Firearms Training, Law Enforcement and Anti-Terrorism to help you build a viable plan to protect you and your home, your business, and your church, with physical security inspections, vulnerability assessments, risk assessments and assistance in writing a customized emergency action plan.

In the classroom and on the range we are an experienced husband & wife instructor team with inter-active teaching methods that are both dynamic and very effective. Whether your goal is to shoot for fun, sport, hunting, competition or defense, applying safety, knowledge and skills go hand-in-hand. We build confidence one round at a time.

The following classes are currently offered by our company:

Missouri Concealed Carry Classes ( see class datesProvides the required training for applying for a MO CCW permit, and recommended for anyone who plans to travel to other states with a firearm. Also ideal for those who want to know how Missouri carry laws apply to them.

Missouri Law Seminar (upon request)   Designed for those who want to do Permitless Carry and learn about the Missouri carry laws without going through the day-long course of instruction for their CCW permit. Everyone who carries is required to understand and follow the law, so this class will provide clarification on the application of physical and deadly force, places not allowed to carry, provides for open discussion, and much more. Also helpful for anyone with a permit who wants to become familiar with any changes in the carry laws. 

Introduction to Armed Self-Defense ( see class datesProvides additional handgun training. Ideal for anyone who carries concealed and wants to improve their proficiency, and for those who might not feel comfortable enough in their knowledge and abilities to carry in public. This course covers unconventional shooting positions, shooting while moving, from cover/concealment, from the weak side, both supported and unsupported, and varied distance drills.

Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Black Powder, and/or Black Gun Training (upon request)   Recommended for anyone who wants to learn shooting basics or improve on their current skills. Can include one or more discipline.

Women and Handguns (upon request)   Designed to take a non-shooter who is apprehensive and teach handgun basics and safety one-on-one, and provide a no-pressure, non-intimidating opportunity to build confidence on the range. Not limited to just women!

Active Shooter Workshop (upon request)   Covers a specific type of workplace violence. Provides instruction on what to do and when to do it, built on the FBI’s standard of “Run, Hide, Fight”. Includes identifying cover and concealment, and physical security design features to implement in your home, office, business, or church. Can be held at our training facility or your location.

Workplace Violence Workshop (upon request)   Covers the 4 types of workplace violence, active shooter, terrorism and more. Ideal to complement and/or improve current safety measures in place. To include how to recognize indicators and how to mitigate an event once it starts. Recommended for all businesses, large and small. Can be held at our training facility or your location.

Church Defense Class (upon request)   Designed to assist in creating a disaster preparedness plan and to teach active shooter prevention. Includes time on the range. Additional services provided can include a physical security inspection and vulnerability assessment of your building, risk assessment, and assistance in writing an Emergency Action Plan for your organization.

NRA Basic Pistol Course (upon request)

Refuse to be a Victim (upon request)

We can design a Training Program that fits your individual, home, business or church needs.

Classes are available at our Cuba, MO training facility, or we can come to your location.

We are conveniently located in central Missouri and easy to get to.

Click Here to email us or call 573-885-4553 for more information.

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